Friday, May 30, 2008

The Reason behind this blog ...

Hi Everyone,

I haven't done a post here for ages and was just thinking the other day that had it not been for Derek and his website I would never have created this blog. Derek has the most interesting website and although his main interest are ships he has so much about South Africa. I also need to say a really big thank you to him as he has a link from his web site to my blog page and I am sure I receive quite a few hits because of this.

I hope that anyone who creates another web page about the Oceanos based on what I have done, will also put a link to my blog.

I know I have been really bad posting stuff but hopefully I will find time soon to do this, but in the meantime remember that this is the original "Oceanos Sinking" web blog, we were first and we shall remain first!

Thank you to everyone who has made contributions to my blog, I am very grateful, long live the Oceanos blog.

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