Sunday, June 08, 2008

David Van der Sandt

What a nice surprise it was to have another welcome message in my guest book, this time it was from one of the Medics who helped with the rescue operation, here is the message:

Name: David van der Sandt
Date: 31-May-2008


What a pleasant surprise to come across such a comprehensive history of the sinking of the Oceanos. I was one of the SANDF medics that flew up from Port Elizabeth to assist. I still a life jacket that my medical team signed. Please forward me an e mail address so i can send you some pic's


So I got in touch with Dave and he sent me the picture below, he said he will send me another one soon. (David) I have two pics, the first one is from a news paper in PE at the time. It is me on the right the doctor on the left and one of my medics in the middle. The guy wrapped in the blanket is the casino manager or someone that worked in the casino that was fished out of the water. What i remember about this guy is that he was very worried about us taking his jacket off. After we took it off we could not understand why it was so heavy, then we discovered his pockets were full of R 50 notes. The second one i will forward later it was published in a book called 'Choppers' a history of helicopter operations in SA. It has a whole chapter on the Oceanos rescue. I will scan it and forward to you once i am home in about a week's time

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