Saturday, May 22, 2010

Miracle on the Wild Coast - NBC

I just had a phone call and email from Justin @ NBC in New York to tell me that after many months of getting an Oceanos production together, they will be airing it on NBC tomorrow evening, 23rd May 2010, but here is the email he sent me:
Just wanted to pass along some exciting news. Our Oceanos program, "Miracle on the Wild Coast" is set to air here in the states tomorrow night, Sunday May 23rd. The show is Dateline NBC and we are on at 7pm (1900) EST (for any of your states-based readers.) So sorry about the last minute notice. I just found out myself a day or two ago and it's a bit of a sprint to the finish.
After our airing, most of the show will be available to watch on our website:   ...along with a slideshow and some web exclusive clips featuring more rescuers and survivors whose interviews didn't make the television program. The show, incidentally is an hour-long and reported by our correspondent Keith Morrison.
Here is a clip from tomorrow nights show.


Amanjo said...

I just watched this show on TV here in the United States. It took my breath away! It was very dramatic, especially as it recounted the story of George, the gentleman that dropped from the airlift into the sea. They did not reveal until almost the very end that he also survived the ordeal.

God bless you and all of the other survivors!

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the program, and was pleased that all survived. Was disappointed in the actions of the officers and captain, but the lesser crew members sure did prove their mettle!

Anonymous said...

I also saw the ship's sinking on TV last night. The first mistake by the captain was to set sail during a storm to keep on scedule. The ship looked like an old little boat. Great to have seen the magician, the guitarist and the director take control. The 3 of them and the man with his son, are the real heros.
The captain and crew were only concerned about themselves and he was the first to go up to the helicopter. The 'captain' even told the NY Times that it was a perfect rescue and didn't take responsibility for not closing the port holes below and for being concerned for his own safety (even pushing an elderly lady out of the way). He blamed everyone who critized him. I read that he got jail time? The boat was not safe either.
Those who took leadership rolls and cared for the passengers are the real heros for their bravery.
I'm so glad this was aired!!

Anonymous said...

Me and my brother are watching this documentary right now. Quite heartbreaking, but we are both glad everyone survived. We are also very disappointed in the captain/crew's action. I hope he got a proper punishment for it.