Saturday, July 30, 2011

An email from a survivor


I am one of the survivors of the Oceanos in 1991, Robin Boltman, Terry
Lester will recall me , Moss will remember me I was assisting passengers on
the Helipad area,

My friend Suzy Zanoncelli, is listed on the survivor list and mine is not
please add my name to the list,

I do have a query though, I assisted the choreographer for the dancers at
one stage it was around 7am or so, I need his name if possible, he handed
an elderly lady to me of which I managed to assist her from the pool area
to the helipad area,

The Italian Newspaper , La Voce, interviewed both Suzy Zanoncelli and I,
for reference,,,

Kind regards,

Enrico Flavio
Sales & Marketing Manager

If anyone wants Enrico's details please email me.

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