Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Oceanos at the bottom of the Sea

I received an email from Emlyn Brown the other day, if you like me don't know who Emlyn Brown is, then Google his name.  While searching for the wreck of the Waratah they came across the Oceanos lying on the sea bed, and he kindly sent me these photos.  They are quite eerie, and I wonder what is inside, would love to get some photos and footage of inside the ship now.    All my lost artifacts still in my cabin on Venus Deck, including my passport, at least 3 bottle of Bols and all my clothes.  I wonder if in 50 years time someone will bring up everything and they will put it in a museum somewhere, I doubt whether I will be around to know.

I haven't had too much time to read all the articles on Emlyn, so I am going to do some research on the Waratah and Emlyn Brown and then do a post as soon as I have a bit of time, however you can always read about it on the net.

Please don't copy these photos without Emlyn's permission:

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