Sunday, February 25, 2007

Back to South Africa and the Oceanos

For my friends who are regular readers of my REDROWE blog, you will know that we have decided to settle in Ireland and are going back to SA in March to pack up all our things in storage, and bring them back.

All our belongings have been in storage for 6 years now and along with all of this are my collection of "Oceanos" paraphonalia, I have photographs that were taking the day she sank as well as form the cruise itself. I also have newspaper clippings, tickets and if I am not mistaken menus - no these are not for sale. I will scan them into the blog though, so everyone can see them.

I also have video footage from all the news broadcasts, MNET Channel 7 and other, which I will have transposed onto DVD when I get back.

Among my belongings, I also have souveniers from the Achille Lauro which I sailed on in 1992, just months after being rescued from the Oceanos. The Achille Lauro also met a disastorous end sailing up the coast of Africa.

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