Friday, March 02, 2007

My interview with the French Television

Well to tell you the truth everything just happened so quickly, I received an email from a guy about a week ago or so, saying that he wanted to interview me about my experience on the Oceanos.

After many emails and a chat on the phone he arranged to come over on the 1st of March to do the interview, I didn't really think too much about it as I probably didn't really believe what was happening.

Last emails were exchanged on Wednesday 28th, Thursday morning I was up early making sure I looked good and then the nerves started. The whole morning I was a bunch of nerves, but I knew they would only be coming around 13:30, so went off to lunch with Bob and Damo and we were then going to go out for a coffee as a really needed one, when I saw the tax pull up outside and out stepped to French men (it's amazing how I could just tell they were French), cameras and bags in tow.

Well that was it no coffee, the rest of the afternoon just went so quickly, I spent a lot of time speaking to Vince who is really nice and told me that most times he was more nervous interviewing people. He is just amazing though and has interviewed people like Paul McCartney, Clint Eastwood and so many other big stars, he said he has probably done over a thousand interviews with people.

He was just amazing how calm he made me feel and so at ease, that when I was actually being filmed on camera it still felt like we were just having a chat.

The program they are doing will be aired on the French Television Network M6 probably on the 14th of April. I will also get a copy of the interview on DVD and hopefull be able to put it up on this blog. I just need to get him the photos and newspaper clippings for editing into the program.

Will keep everyone posted. – le site de VOD gratuit d’Endemol France

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