Thursday, May 17, 2007

On board itinerary 3rd and 4th of August 1991

I happened to take my handbag with me when I was rescued on the helicopter and amongst some very important things that a woman always keeps in her handbag I managed to have the itinerary for the day, here is a scanned copy:

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Deepwater said...

The explanation that heavy seas causd the hull failure is bullshit covered in peanut butter.
The SW injection seachest is on the hull BOTTOM.
Failure is always the result of corrosion.
All seachests together with their valves, are inspected each drydock, by Lloys Register of Shipping surveyors, painted, then reinspected on refloating.
So, when was this 40 year old ship last drydocked? Where? Inspected by whom?
Captain and crew?
They did not deserve to be rescued!

This ship was insured in the London Market, so there will be a file @ The Salvage Association London on behalf of the Underwriters giving a professional, opinion as to the cause of the Constructive Total Loss of the vessel.