Sunday, May 06, 2007

Passengers from Bloemfontein and Welkom

I received an E-mail from Mervyn, (this always tends to happen when I think that nobody reads my blog) Mervyn was a passenger on the Oceanos, he was the manager at Rennies in Bloemfontein in 1991, he has provided me with a list of the passengers from Rennies in Bloem and Welkom - Thank you Mervyn.

Hopefully we will get Mervyn's story to publish here and maybe a photograph.

Thanks once again Mervyn - Here is the list:

From Rennies Travel Bloemfontein:
Kotzé Mervyn
Kotzé Nicky
Hanton Peter
Hanton Maria
de Villiers Nell
de Villiers Anneli
Sarluis Michael (deceased)
Sarluis Nerina
Madden Frank
Madden Beaulah
Burger Sandra
Burger SP
Malherbe Nicolette
Holmes Liesel (deceased)
Mostert Mossie
Mostert Heleen
du Toit Wouter
du Toit Jeanette
van Zyl Anne
Geyer Shelley

From Rennies Travel Welkom:
de' Ath David
de' Ath Charmaine
van Wyk André
van Wyk Daphné
van der Watt Neels
van der Watt Jo-Anne

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