Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dive of "The Oceanos" DVD

Hi There,

Well I managed to contact a guy called Andre Shirley who did a dive to the Oceanos, he is sending me a copy of the DVD and has the same DVD on sale for anyone interested in receiving a copy. Prices will depend on costs of shipping and packaging, so if you would like to drop him and email at the following address please do so:


Andre Shirley

Once I receive the DVD and watch it I will tell you all about it here, my DVD from Vince in Paris is also on it's way - so I'm looking forward to some DVD watching!

I found this photograph on: by Phillip G Van Rensburg who has his wonderful account of his dive on this site, please have a read it is really interesting.

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Thiemo Pösch said...


just found this page after I've seen the film. I am technical diver in South Africa and know Andre. She ;-) is the wife of Don Shirley, who is the head of IANTD SA. Both didn't dive the Oceanos themself but do promote the DVD since they know the divers who performed this dive. Anyway it's a nice DVD that shows the problems in diving the Oceanos.
Kind regards Thiemo Pösch