Saturday, June 09, 2007

SURVIVE THIS : "Sinking of the Oceanos" 2007

At the begining of this year 2007 a reproduction of "Survive this - The sinking of the Oceanos" was broadcast on television, if anyone can provide me with a copy of this on DVD please email me. I have one that was broadcast back in the 90's also called Survive this (I think), but this is a new one.


Anonymous said...

I was a crew member onboard the ss Norway when a video clip came up on the crew channel t.v .The video was of the oceanos sinking and the crew members saving the passengers whilst the captain and officers abandond the ship. The video I saw was not the one shown on the web site "you tube" , there is another video out there showing the officers leaving in lifeboats.It seemed to be over so quickly with only sunbeds to be seen floating calmly in the water. The passengers owe their all to the last two heroic crew members who put them first before themselves.

Kerry in Andover

Anonymous said...

they were not two crew members though were they?!they were two entertainers a guitar player and a magician, it wasn't their responsibilitly, the captain and crew didnt even radio for help! moss hills and juian are heros