Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Interesting Newspaper Article


niedless2say said...

I saw the story of the sinking of the Oceanos on television several nights ago, and am absolutely shocked and appalled that the Captain and crew abandoned ship, leaving passengers and entertainers to fend for themselves. I'd like to see that Captain taken out to sea and thrown overboard, the same for the owners of the Oceanos. My heart goes out to all of you passengers who survived. God Bless You All.

Anonymous said...

I just saw a documentary on cable TV here in Westlake Village, CA.. This is appaling how the captain and crew conducted themselves! Thankfully no one was injured - however the captain and crew conduct leave much to be desired. As the prior respondanmt posted - it would be too KIND to throw that Captain out at sea. Better to have him answer for his CRIMES first - apolagize to each passenger personally - eyeball to eye ball ... then take him out to sea to reconsider his fate.

I wonder how it is he is now permitted to captain a ferry boat? I would think he is totally unqualified to captain any vessel with live passengers or therwise.