Sunday, September 05, 2010

More Survivors

I really must ask Ian Uys if I can publish a copy of the Passenger List as he has it in his book here, but I really think that if all of you who are reading this, have not bought the book yet, especially all those survivors - honestly it is well worth reading and in there you will find a list of all the passengers on the ship, on the fateful night of 3rd of August 1991.

I recently received this email from Kerry Kyte who was a fellow passenger, here is the email:

Kevin Crossman
Rita Crossman
Kerri Crossman
Tarryn Crossman
Lindy Trollip
Tracy Trollip
John Hickland
SAmantha Mountford
Darren Mountford
We where all aboard together

I will add these to my own list I have and once completed it, I will publish it.  

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