Monday, September 13, 2010

Titanic II

I happened to be watching the Syfy channel on Friday night when Titanic II was on, OMG what a disaster of a movie, low budget with trashy computer graphics, pathetic actors - why would anyone want to make such a bad movie after the blockbuster titanic!

The film takes place in April 2012, 100 years since the sinking of the RMS Titanic. A new luxury cruise liner, the USS Titanic II, has been christened, and is soon to embark on her maiden voyage, on the same route the Titanic took 100 years before.

During the voyage, effects of possible global warming force an island of ice in the Arctic to collapse, and creates a disastrous tsunami that sends an iceberg crashing into the Titanic II, leaving her to the same fate as her predecessor.

Utter Rubbish.

Here is a review from the internet Movie Database to show you just how bad it is

Be warned that this is probably the worst movie ever made. At least it gave a good actor, Bruce Davison, employment. Nice concept, but so poorly made that you understand immediately that the makers knew zero about the 1912 Titanic and cared even less. With an obvious low budget, the movie made use of the 1930's Queen Mary permanently moored at Long Beach, CA. But, 1912 maritime design is very different from 1930s maritime design as was White Star Line, (Titanic), to Cunard Line, (Queen Mary). Shots included the sea wall enclosing the Queen Mary, rust on the railings of this "brand new Titanic II", and red funnels when the original Titanic had yellow funnels, (which they corrected within the movie and then went back to red funnels). Some scenes showed the ship with three funnels, some scenes she had four funnels. One of the best, laughable scenes was the cast running down into the "engine room" with concrete walls!!!? The Titanic II sailed with the name emblazoned on it's bow, then the name was gone, then it was back again? Where were the continuity people? Or could they not afford to employ them. The score even had slight reminisces of the movie Titanic's score in a shameful attempt to piggy-back on the success of the James Cameron movie. Gives new meaning to unoriginal and predictable. Do yourself a favor. Skip this movie. It's not even good trash.

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