Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Information Please

Hi This is a message from Kate Szell on the "Oceanos Survivors & Friends" page on Facebook, maybe someone here may be able to help.

Hello everyone,

I'm helping make a weather documentary that includes a bit about the Oceanos sinking. We've got the OK from NBC to use some of the footage from their documentary but we want to contact those people who actually shot the footage to make sure they are OK with our using it. We've spoken to some people but are having difficulty finding some others.

Does anyone have contact details for the following:
Karen Winter, Piet Niemand, Sandra Palmer, George and Gerda Walton, Anthony Keith Garner and whoever it was who shot footage from the Nedlloyd Mauritius.

If you are one of these people, or know how i can get in touch, please let me know either by reply to this or by email to

Many, many thanks,

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