Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Looking for Owners of Film Footage taken when the Oceanos Sank

Hi Everyone,

Please see e-mail I received below and if anyone can help please get in touch with Kate directly:

I’m working for a UK TV production company and we’re making a series of programmes for BBC Earth and Channel 5 about extreme weather events.  We’re featuring a number of stories about British people who have got caught up in extreme weather events and one of our stories is about the sinking of the Oceanos. 
We’ve spoken to a number of people, including Moss Hills, about the sinking and are now looking for people who were filming during the disaster.  We have spoken to NBC and they are happy for us to use footage from their documentary about the event.  However, we wanted to get consent from the people who had shot the actual footage as it is the footage shot by people who were there that we are interested in.   NBC has given us the names of some of the people whose footage they used but they are a bit short on contact details for them.
I don’t know if you have any contact details or if you’d be OK for me to put a post on the Oceanos Survivors & Friends Facebook page?  Also, I don’t suppose you know who filmed the footage that was used by NBC of people jumping off the sinking Oceanos to “swim” to the inflatable boats?  We think the footage was taken by someone on the Nedlloyd Mauritius, but are not certain.
With many thanks for your help.
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